10 Training Videos—Key Workouts for Success on the Bike. A Must-Have for Cyclists and Triathletes!

  • Increase bike speed, power, and endurance for the price of a single massage!
  • Save time: Ride less, perform better - because every workout counts!
  • Easy to understand and get started!
  • Streaming videos are available whenever you are!
  • Crush it like Chris! It really is this simple!

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These are the essential workouts every triathlete should do. I took them straight from my Ironman playbook. They worked for me, and they’ll work for you.

- Chris Lieto

What Is Master The Bike?

Master the Bike is a groundbreaking series of training videos for triathletes and cyclists. These are the actual workouts used by Ironman champion Chris Lieto - triathlon’s most respected (and feared) cyclist for over a decade. Chris took these cycling sessions straight from his training journals - adapted them to cyclists and triathletes of every ability level - and now he’s sharing his secrets for the first time!

Whether your goal is to be first off the bike, to drop your friends on a club ride, to improve your fitness or build confidence on the bike, Master the Bike is the plan for you.

Based on more than ten years of experience and on-the-bike research, Master the Bike delivers the framework for a weekly training plan that can be tailored to your fitness level and your progress. Chris has simplified the process for you and put everything you need to know into his five essential workouts. There’s no more guesswork! These are the only bike workouts you need to do to get more speed, power and endurance, guaranteed.

Who Is It For?

New to the sport: Master the Bike is cycling simplified. Whether you are a recreational rider who wants to improve your fitness or you’re just wondering how to sort out all of the information available about training for triathlon, Master the Bike will work for you guaranteed.

Experienced athletes: Have you hit a plateau, are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars for coaches you rarely see, or do you want to take your performance to the next level? Master the Bike offers an easy to follow plan based on proven workouts that deliver results. It’s the most cost-effective way to boost your performance on the Bike!

Elite triathletes and coaches: Age-group athletes, pros, and even coaches will learn the secrets to powerful cycling from Master the Bike. Master the Bike’s five workouts are the key to unlocking your potential - at every level!

What's Included

Master the Bike is a video-based cycling program that’s easy to understand and simple to use. Get started now!

Fitness Test

Establish a baseline to get the most out of your cycling workouts. Chris will show you how.

5 Workouts - Maximize your time on the bike!

The building blocks of better cycling; simplified plans for every ability level. Short streaming videos explain and demonstrate.

1 Full-Length Trainer Workout - Ride with Chris in Hawaii!

Follow along as Chris explains and demonstrates two trainer workouts on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Bonus! 3 Tips for Better Bike Handling

The details matter! Gain time in transition; build confidence; ride like a pro!


I have known Chris Lieto for a long time. I know him as a good person and also as the best cyclist I have encountered in the sport of triathlon.
Craig Alexander
I met Chris Lieto early on in my triathlon career (2007) and he has been a consistent mentor that has shaped the athlete I am today. I have fond memories of going on many bike rides at various training camps with Chris and learning from the best in the sport. I can tell you that is truly is amazing to watch him become one with his bike, pedal efficiently and produce power effortlessly.
Linsey Corbin
I've seen a huge improvement in my power and endurance by applying some of Chris's techniques.
I'm amazed at how much my bike splits improved through Chris's approach at the 70.3 distance.
I wish I had this information in my hands years ago.
Tim Bellig
I was fortunate to learn from Chris firsthand as I started my journey into fitness. He taught me to work hard and enjoy the process. Now as an athlete and trainer, I still put Chris's lessons to use; they've served me well!
Jeff Reid

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